Orchid View part one

I haven’t read the full report yet, but from what has been reported it’s going to be a harrowing read.

I’ll do a full piece on it soon, but just wanted to highlight the words of one of the relatives, as reported in the Crawley Advertiser.

Linzi Collings, whose mother Jean Halfpenny died in 2010 after being administered three times her regular dose of the blood thinning drug Warfarin over the course of 17 days at Orchid View, said: “It is nearly eight months since the conclusion of the inquest yet we continue to see a high number of stories in the press about other care homes failing CQC inspections or being investigated for putting residents at risk.

“Given the scale of the problem we agree with our lawyers that a full independent public inquiry should now follow, using evidence from the SCR, to ensure that every care home across the country is performing to a high standard and providing quality care, rather than running as a business with money rather than welfare as its core value.”

If you have followed my writings regularly you may have picked up that I think the current business model of residential care is broken. The words from this poor lady above just underline at further for me.