Derek Series 2

I knew something was bugging me about Derek, the television series set in a care home.

Hannah, one of the lead characters, and manager of the home, is never seen doing doing paperwork!

She spends all her time looking after people, and making sure they are happy.

What a shame it’s so unrealistic, I’m sure most Registered Managers would agree that it would be wonderful if 90% of the paperwork went away, so they can do what they came into caring to do.

Sorry Ricky Gervais you need some reality on the writing team.

Update: 8th may 2014 and then you let me down Ricky by overstepping the mark with the sex stories is week. Not the sex in later life story, but everything else that was going on. It’s looking like a downward trend, sorry.


I’ve been meaning to write about Derek for a few days now. The ads for the new series have drawn my attention to it. So I watched series one at the weekend.

I didn’t think I’d like it.

I didn’t want to like it.

I thought Ricky Gervais would be crass and insensitive.

I was wrong.

It’s not perfect, but it hits a tone and sends some messages.

Watch and tell me what you think.