The Ugly

I wish there wasn’t a need for this section, but sadly there is. Throughout my career I have worked to stop people like this getting anywhere near vulnerable people. I continue to do so, if you have any worries about people working in care please get in touch with myself or your local social services department.

9th February 2015

Four Seasons Healthcare run-Harrogate Lodge Care Home, Leeds

Leeds Council investigate home following allegations of institutional abuse. The inquiry follows the death of a resident in 2013 of septicaemia after developing a pressure sore. The home’s owners paid out a five figure settlement for clinical negligence last month. The council’s safeguarding team are looking into the development of five further cases of pressure sores.

The resident’s son was unhappy with the way authorities treated his concerns saying.

“Now everybody says there were problems with my dad’s care from a position where they were saying nothing was wrong,”

He is particularly scathing in relation to CQC saying.

“The first CQC report was terrible – they might as well not have bothered,”

CQC initially found the home to be meeting all standards, but found it failing in a subsequent inspection.

This case serves as a clear example of why the operating model of CQC has had to change and adapt. Hopefully the new joined up model will allow Council officers and CQC to act in a more timely manner.

Nothing reported on what happened to the Company involved, Four Seasons being one of the biggest in the country.

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10th December 2014

Merok Park, Nursing Home, Banstead, Surrey

It’s not often that a Care Home story hits the national press, this one made the lunchtime news on Radio 4!

CQC close the home after inspection finds a catalogue of bad care issues that have not been addressed despite previous warnings.

  • Home was dirty and unsafe
  • Home had an overwhelming smell of urine
  • Staff not DBS checked


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28th October 2014

Abbbeycroft Care Home, Southampton

Home is shut down by CQC after nine inspcetion over four years.

In a series of damning reports on the standard of care at the home, the CQC found:

  •  Residents were put at risk of scalding by the temperature of water in their bedrooms
  • Staff smoking and drinking tea while residents called out for help
  • Residents left at risk of infection from soiled clothing.

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15th September 2014

The Dales care home in Maryport, Cumbria

Care worker convicted after slapping and verbally abusing a resident.

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12th September 2014

Anchor run- Thameside Residential Care Home, Surrey

Company admits charges in case of person who choked to death in care home. The lady concerned had been assessed by a Speech and Language Therapist and required a soft diet. She had been left with the wrong food and unsupervised by a member of staff who is described as having a poor understanding of English and a reluctance to engage with paperwork.

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13th July 2014

Rowan Garth Nursing home, Liverpool

Worker in court accused of assaulting two patients.

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