CQC State of Care report Video!

Sorry for those reading offline, but I will be covering this in print next week.

For now though here’s the video from CQC.

Profits drop at largest care home provider

Four Seasons have announced a 31% drop in profit compared to this time last year. Nothing to worry about there then!!

Is this the first sign of the next Southern cross?

Whilst the financing is arranged differently, reading between the lines, it does appear that the group is holding a lot of debt and this result must bring into question the ability to service it.

After the demise of Southern Cross in 2011 CQC have gained new powers to inspect the finances of large providers.

However it may already be too late for Four Seasons,I’ll keep you updated.

Union Supports Poor Care Provision!!!!???

Whilst one has sympathy with the people affected, it’s odd to say the least to see a union taking this stance. In effect asking CQC not to close a home providing poor quality care.

Surely they should be supporting their people, who have been part of the failed service, to find other employment?


Is it me?



Research in to pressure sores in North Staffs homes

It’s good to see a CCG taking responsibility for oversight of quality in local nursing homes. There are many reasons why people develop pressure sores and ulcers which are not necessarily down to quality of care. However one can see from the comparison with the NHS trust that the numbers of people in nursing homes developing complications are out of proportion.

It will be interesting to see the results of this piece of work. My money is that it will find that there aren’t enough staff in homes to meet people’s needs, and those staff aren’t trained and competent.

Watch this space—-