The Bad

Welcome to my page of reports outlining stories of bad care in England.

It’s saddening that I have to do this, but I think that people need to be informed about the poor standards of care out there. So that they can make informed choices about care for themselves and loved ones.

It is also of interest to see the trends that appear on a regular basis.Some companies, areas of the country and types of care, appear regularly.

So watch this space, and remember good care is out there, get some professional help to find it-

9th February 2015

Bupa-run Wingham Court Care Centre, Surrey

One has to question what the priorities at BUPA are, when another home receives two warning notices. Clearly profit comes before care?

Adrian Hughes, Care Quality Commission’s deputy chief inspector of adult social care in the south, said: “At our recent inspection we identified serious concerns in a number of areas, and expect the provider Bupa Care Homes (AKW) Limited to take urgent action to fix the problems we saw. We will follow up on the action we have required the provider to take and will take further action if they have not.”

Stop me if you have heard this one before, but-not enough staff and signs of disrepair are on the CQC list of failings.

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5th February 2015

Summerfield Nursing Unit, Cheltenham

This Nursing unit fails to meet standards in a number of areas when inspected by CQC. Oddly I know one of the people involved in this one, yes it is a small world, and I can hardly say I am surprised. Some familiar themes with staff recruitment not undertaken properly, staffing levels insufficient and medication not being administered correctly. Deja Vu!!

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3rd February 2015

Bradeney House Care Home,Shropshire

The owner does his best to play this one down,a nd the style of reporting makes it seem a quite innocuous story, but not having enough staff to look after people with dementia makes it one to watch in my view.

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2nd February 2015

BUPA run-Hillview Nursing Home, Midlesborough

BUPA in trouble again, this time clearly neglecting a severely ill resident. This is less than substandard care and in a nursing home of all places, which should employ sufficient qualified nurses to pick this sort of thing up. Sadly this lady suffered unnecessarily in the last few months of her life.

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30th January 2015

Rosecroft Residential Care Home, Bromley, Kent

Home is rated as inadequate following CQC inspection. Another “dementia specialist” home failing to care for people properly, including not helping people to eat safely.

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Jansondean Nursing Home, Beckenham, Kent

Home rated as inadequate following CQC inspection. Staff failing to manage medicines and dispose of clinical waste correctly.

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29th January 2015

Merok park, Banstead, Surrey

I covered this story when it first came to light, but here’s an update from the Telegraph.

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28th January 2015

Alexandra House nursing home in Porth, Brake Manor Care Home in St Austell, Clinton House nursing home in St Austell, Collamere care home in Lostwithiel,Cornwall

Cornwall Council have stopped admissions to all the homes in the Morleigh group after CQC inspected Alexandra House in Porth. The inspection was made following concerns being raised about the quality of care.

The full story contains some interesting quotes from a member of staff about turnover of Registered Manager.

Until the full CQC report is published one can only speculate on what was found that has caused the council to take this step.

The Council has said-

“We are working with our partners as part of the safeguarding adults process to ensure that care and safety standards at care homes in Cornwall run by Morleigh Group are met.

In the meantime, no new residents will be admitted to these care homes. Measures are in place to ensure the ongoing safety of residents in these care homes. Residents and their families will be kept informed of developments as necessary.”

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Lake View Nursing Home, Chorley

I suspect that this story may end up on my Ugly page.

Police are investigating allegations of abuse, and have been handed CCTV footage from a relative. Five members of staff have been suspended, and the owners have now decided to close the home.

No wonder CQC judged the home to be inadequate!

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26th January 2015

Western Park View, Leicester

Another sad and avoidable death of a care home resident. The Health and Safety Executive prosecute the owners of the home after an 83-year-old man dies of burns sustained on a care home radiator.

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22nd January 2015

Speke Care Home, Liverpool

CQC imposes £4,000 fine on owners following repeated failures to meet national standards.

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20th January 2015

St Nicholas Care Home, Sheringham, Norfolk

CQC inspection report describes home as not safe, poorly managed and inadequate in all areas.
Another example, it would seem, of a company claiming to offer Dementia/Nursing care and charging a premium, without the ability to provide the necessary levels of care.

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and here’s the story in more depth from the BBC

15th January 2015

Penberthy House, Newquay

CQC inspect home after an ex-employee raises concerns in e-book. The CQC report is not out yet, but the book makes interesting reading.

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And go to the website for the book

14th January 2015

Lancam Nursing Home, New Barnet, London

Following concerns being raised about this council run nursing home, CQC inspected and found the home to be inadequate.

Safety Certificates for equipment were out of date. Excessive control and restraint was being used, and not recognised as abuse. Communication was also identified as a problem, due to the limited English of some of the staff, meaning that people weren’t always understood or responded to.

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12th January 2015

Parklands House Care Home, Rochdale

This Care home smelled so bad that inspectors picked up an offensive odour outside the building. Residents were seen sat around in soiled clothing, medication was left lying around and some people were not receiving the right prescriptions.

Clearly ‘The Smell Test’ holds true in this case, although clearly many other shocking failures of systems and processes can be identified. Let’s hope CQC close the place.

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7th January 2015

Firtree House Nursing Home, Surrey

CQC rate home as inadequate following inspection.

This is the third inspection at which this home has failed to meet the standards, time for action CQC?

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Harriets Care Home, Cumbria

Home fails CQC inspection on visit following up enforcement action. Inspectors find an infection had been ongoing for three weeks and half of residents had been affected.

A good, if somewhat salutary, example of the slow pace of change and improvement. The home was served an enforcement notice following inspection August 2104. The press is reporting improvements still being needed in January 2015.

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Happy New Year!

30th December 2014

Surrey Heights care home, Surrey

Four people arrested on suspicion of neglect and assault.

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24th December 2014

Four Seasons run-Hollycroft Care Home, Ilkley

Home rated as inadequate by CQC following inspection.

The home had no Registered Manager and incidents of abuse had not been properly reported and investigated. Medicines were also being administered covertly.

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15th December 2014

Grantley Court Nursing Home, Sutton, Surrey

The owners of Merok Park Nursing Home have second home closed by CQC.

These type of people are why I always check on the owners of any home when looking for quality care for a client.

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Further update 7th Jan 2015

The police are now investigating allegations of abuse.

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10th December 2014

Merok Park Nursing Home, Banstead, Surrey

CQC close home after inspection finds it dirty, unsafe with an overpowering odour of urine. Despite previous inspections requiring improvements to be made.

Good to see CQC taking swifter action than they may have done in the past, but a sad illustration of how some owners think they can flout the rules and carry on operating and causing misery.

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9th December 2014

Four Seasons run-Albany Care Home, Oxford

Home found to be failing in a number of areas, unclean and residents at risk of pressure sores due to staff shortages.

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8th December 2014

Brookfield care home, Clacton

Home owner “vows to fight on” after bad CQC inspection report causes council to move residents.

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7th December 2014

Highfield Manor Care Home, Rochdale

Home fails to meet four of the national standards at inspection, and is criticised for lack of Infection Control.

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5th December 2014

Newlands Hall care home, Dewsbury

CQC serve enforcement notices on home that has had four managers in recent months. Current manager was unaware that any of the residents had dementia!

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30th November 2014

Jasmin Court, Sheffield

Three warning notices issued as home fails to meet standards on second inspection.

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29th November 2014

Sowerby House in Thirsk

Yorkshire home served with three warning notices after failing to meet all of the national standards.

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27th November 2014

Barchester Healthcare run-White Lodge, Swindon

Home only meets on of the six standards on inspection. Inspectors find residents treated like babies.

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Brookfield care home, Clacton

Home meets none of the standards at CQC inspection, council moves all residents for their safety.

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24th November 2014

Parkview Residential Home, Seaton Carew, Hartlepool

Home in court to defend health and safety procedures after resident falls from window and dies.

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18th November 2014

Four Seasons run-Highground Care Home,Wirral

Four Seasons decide to close home following continuing concerns raised by CQC.

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17th November 2014

Care UK run, Mildenhall Lodge, Suffolk

Home still requires improvement following CQC inspection in September. Relatives of residents had to help with meal times to make sure their family members were fed properly!

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7th November 2014

Denville Hall, North East London

Known as the Actors’ care home, Denville Hall found to be mishandling medication at CQC inspection.

3rd November 2014

Harriets Care Home, Distington, Cumbria

CQC take enforcement action to ensure health and safety of residents.

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30th October 2014

Orchard Lodge care home, Reading

Two people arrested on suspicion of willful neglect. Residents being found new homes.

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29th October 2014

Romford Care Centre

Care home which has had eight managers in four years, fails CQC inspection.

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24th October 2014

Anglia Retirement Homes run- St Mary’s Court, Braintree

The company that runs The Old Deanery, the home at the centre of the Panorama documentary on abuse in care, is told to improve the care and welfare of residents following inspection by CQC.

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22nd October 2014

The Norman Hudson home, Huddersfield

Croftlands at Kirkburton, Huddersfield

Bell House at Meltham, Huddersfield

Report on three homes in the Huddersfield area, all of which were required to improve, and now have enforcement notices from CQC. Some shocking facts in these stories.

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21st October 2014

Firtree House Nursing Home, Banstead

Son moves mother out of failing home, and criticizes CQC for not informing relatives and residents.

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205 homes in the West Midlands served with improvement notices

That’s a quarter of homes!

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20th October 2014

St Cross Grange retirement home, Winchester

Home fails second inspection.

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16th October

Care UK run-Asterbury Place, Ipswich

Second brand new Care UK home in Suffolk closed to new resident after concerns raised, and CQC inspection failed.

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23rd October 2014

and here’s an update

15th October 2014

BUPA run- Beacon Edge, Winters Park, Cold Springs Park, Croft Avenue, Cumbria

20 Staff at four BUPA run homes have been suspended in the last year.

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European Care run-Chelmsford nursing home, Essex

CQQ inspectors find person with dementia rolling around on floor crying for help

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11th October 2014

Belton House retirement home, Rutland

Home criticised by CQC following inspection.

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Brewster House, Maldon, Essex

Improvements required after CQC inspection.

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10th October 2014

Shaw Red Hill, Care home, Worcester

Relative raised concerns about home, but it takes authorities several years to catch up.

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9th October 2014

BUPA run-Arran View Care Home, Saltcoats, Scotland

I don’t usually cover stories outside of England as the inspection regimes differ, but I run this one to highlight more poor care from BUPA.

Inspection report describes care at home as unsatisfactory.

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8th October 2014

Care Uk run-Mildenhall Lodge Care Home, Suffolk

CQC serve enforcement notice, and local council stop new admissions, to brand new care home.

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3rd October 2014

Greathed Manor, East Grinstead

Concerns raised by a member of the public after three deaths at the home.

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1st October 2014

The Old Deanery in Braintree, Essex

I thought they had closed this place after the Panorama investigation!

No still open and providing bad care!

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The Manor House, Walsall

An odd story this one. Council bailing out a company financially as they are unable to staff home!

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Manton Heights Care Centre in Bedford

The start of an inquest into the death of an 84 year old man, who died not having had his prescribed medication for three months!

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26th September

Fosse Court Care Home, in Leicester

Care home may re-open after allegations against staff dropped.

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24th September 2014

St Gregory’s Homecare Ltd, Carnforth, Cumbria

Home care agency fails CQC inspection.

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1st September 2014

The Chase Care Home in Printers Avenue, Watford

Care home provider prosecuted by Health and Safety Executive, following failings which led to a residents death.

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28th August 2014

Princess Lodge Care Centre, Swindon

Enforcement notice served on home after it fails all standards.

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26th August 2014

Stafford Hall, in Thundersley Park Road, Benfleet

Home has too few staff to care for residents, and food safety is not up to standard.

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23rd August 2014

Clifton Court care home, Sprotbrough,Yorks.

Council moves their residents out of failing home.

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21st August 2014

Hillesden House Rest Home, in Leek.

Coroner rules that staff neglect led to the death of a resident. CQC had raised concerns about staffing levels in June 2013

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14th August 2014

Brewster House, Maldon, Essex

The largest care home in the Maldon area has come under fire in a damning report detailing how residents were left with dried food stuck to their faces and clothes and were even refused baths.

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24th July 2014

Alexander Court, Harrogate

Residents moved out of failing Nursing home, after death.

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St Cross Grange, Winchester

CQC issue compliance notice following concerns raised and poor inspection.

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23rd July 2014

30 Dorset Home care providers found to be non compliant.

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15th July 2014

Two firms in court after accident in care home contributes to death of 92 year old lady.

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7th July 2014

Fosse Court, Care Home, Liecs.

Four members of staff arrested as police investigate allegations of abuse.

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4th July 2014

Andrew Smith Care Home, Nelson, Lancs

Home fails inspection, due to poor control of medications, and shoddy record keeping.

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3rd July 2014

Admirals Reach, Nursing Home, BUPA, Chelmsford

Coroner identifies twelve failures of care, at inquest of 82 year old who drowned after leaving a BUPA home unnoticed.

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23rd June 2014

Three people in court, accuse of abuse in Bristol care home. Shocking images

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21st June2014

Police investigate allegations of abuse in Preston home.

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20th June 2014

Southend home criticised by CQC after watching resident wait 18 minutes for help.

click here for full story

Kent Home on Safeguarding measures following neglect of WWii veteran.

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19th June 2014

Company pays compensation after staff caught on CCTV abusing resident.

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11th June 2014

Three Southend Homes failing to care for residents.

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11th June 2014

Three people arrested in wilful neglect case-Wales

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10th June 2014

Publication of the serious case review following deaths at Orchid View in Sussex.

Click here for full story

Chorley home fails half essential standards.

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9th June 2014

Good or bad? Home has had two safeguarding issues raised and being investigated, in recent weeks. However they have some online support saying its a good home.

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30th May 2014

Croydon care home fined for fire safety failings.

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22nd May 2014

A list of 73 Non Compliant homes, homes that don’t currently meet national standards, in Bournemouth.

Click here for full story

Family and CQC concerned about injuries to home resident in Lancashire.

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12th May 2014

Manchester Care Home in court after resident falls out of first floor window.

Click here for full story

Enforcement action taken against Lancashire home owned by the same company that was previously in trouble for staff mistreating residents.

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2nd May 2014

Eton Park home in Nottinghamshire described as dreadful, 97 year old prays for God to take her.

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1st May 2014

A very sad story about a ninety eight year old lady ignored by staff in a Croydon home.

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30th April 2014

The Old Deanery, Essex

Undercover filming by BBC Panorama uncovers regular abuse.

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11th April 2014

According to this report the standards of care in this country are poor.

I’d like to see the figures in detail, as I’m not convinced of the value of these review sites when it comes to care, but have a read and see for yourself.

Click Here for full story

10th April 2014

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! Four years!! He regularly took his clothes off in front of vulnerable people!?

For those working in care, if one of your colleagues takes all their clothes off. Phone the police!!!

click here for full story

8th April 2014

Grimsby Dementia home given three enforcement notices

Click here for full story

7th April 2014

Allegations of serious mistreatment at a York care home being investigated

Click here for full story

Home Care provider leaves clients without care, as the company cannot meet its obligations.
One of the reasons why I always check Company and Directors backgrounds.

Click Here for full story

14th March 2014

The Old Deanery, Braintree, Essex

Seven staff suspended following BBC Panorama filming!

click here for story/11688237.Care_home_rated_inadequate_by_inspectors/” target=”_blank”>

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