No Kidding Sherlock!

This is a great article, but does state the what’s been obvious to those of us in the business for many years.

Reduced funding from whatever source, has brought margins crashing down. Managers and shareholders aren’t going to let their earnings fall, so its the people who actually provide the care who bare the brunt.

Training in particular has been hit. Yes e-learning has its uses, but as a trained educationalist and nurse mentor, I can only recommend thorough training, with professional trainers in a classroom as the best way to ensure a skilled and motivated workforce.

With regards to pay and other rewards, it’s been clear for some time that the standard of candidates applying for care work has changed. When the terms and conditions working on supermarket tills are better than providing care, what can we expect?

What’s the solution?

If I was commissioning care services, I would ensure the contract contained terms that limited profits for the company and pay for staff who do not provide direct care.

And of course make sure more money went into the system.

You pay peanuts you get monkeys.


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