There’s no such thing as a free lunch

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch” or to paraphrase ” There’s no such thing as free advice”

I’m always wary of companies offering free introductory offers, clearly there is some sort of catch or obligation to purchase further down the line.

So why do I offer free advice?

I guess if I’m being honest the first reason is at yes, I want your business. So there is a catch, albeit a soft one. I offer free advice in the hope that you will like me, my services, and quality of service so much that you will buy my paid services.

It’s a well known marketing technique.

But secondly, I like helping people, it’s why I chose care as a career and it’s what’s kept me at it for the last twenty eight years.

In that time Ive learnt a lot about a lot. I can spot good care and point out bad care.

If I can help folks and make a living I’m a happy person, and if my free services and resources are a help then please use them and feel no obligation.

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