Do Not Resuscitate, DNR/DNAR

Yesterdays High Court ruling clarifying the basis for the use of these notices is very welcome, and it’s been a long time coming.

To clarify a DNR-Do Not Resuscitate or DNAR-Do Not Attempt to Resuscitate notice, lets medical personnel know how urgently to treat the person if they have a life threatening crisis.

Clearly there are cases when the quality of life balance weighs on the side of leaving the person to pass. Personal choice plays a large part in this, and making ones wishes known!

I had an aunt who had been a nurse all her life, who made it clear to us all she didn’t want people “jumping up on down” on her chest if she keeled over.

I always advise families to be aware of these notices, and have come across case of people and their family being unaware of one being in place, such as in Janet Tracey’s case.

This ruling will help to prevent that happening in future.

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