National Care Homes Open Day

I’m not a fan of care home open days, it all seems a bit Victorian Voyeur to me.

This initiative has some good aims at heart. Opening homes to be part of the community and getting people involved.

However it does seem by look of some of the big firm sign ups, that it’s become a marketing exercise.

Let’s hope it doesn’t.

And of course if you are looking for a home it’s a great chance to have a thorough look around and talk to folks before deciding.

One would also hope that CQC have boots on the ground.

Regardless of my reservations, inviting local communities into homes does provide opportunities. Reducing isolation and institutionalisation being two. Opportunities for local volunteers to get involved in activity in the home, for the dual benefits of themselves and the residents.

I’m going to sign up as a member of the public and see what happens, watch this space.

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