Digital Inclusion

Here’s a thing I’ve been wrestling with for a while.

The marketers would like to think everyone over sixty is on the Internet for most of their day.

I’ve spoken with lots of you and apparently that’s not true.

Obviously I do a lot of work online, and would like nothing more than a ready audience for my words of wisdom.

So have a vested interest in folks being connected to the digital world.


Research by Age UK highlights some of the issues people have with getting online.

Fear of the technology, worry about fraud, not wanting to.

And makes some suggestions about how these might be addressed.

I like the idea of not focussing on the technology, more on what it can do for the person.

Not seen your sister in Canada for twenty years?

Look at this screen and you can talk face to face!! How amazing would that be.

I know my I pad has changed the way I work and play.

Clearly the potential is there for all.

So here’s to the next tea and tech party 🙂

For the full story

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